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Welcome to My Real Estate Website (original, huh?!!!)

As a buyer or a seller, you want your real estate transactions to go smoothly. That means finding the exact home you're looking for, or selling your home promptly and for the best price. It means not having to worry, even if you're new to the real estate arena, or if you're moving thousands of miles away. It means being able to Trust your agent...to trust that he/she has the right motivation in the relationship, to trust that he/she has the proper skills, experience, knowledge to give you an advantage in this competitive market place.

You need an experienced professional. I will put my knowledge and experience (not merely a real estate Broker - Summit Properties Realty but also vast experience as an Appraiser - Hudson Appraisals) to work to help you make your move a pleasant one. Make your choice wisely. The agent you choose will help you make many important decisions. No one will work harder or more professionally. Please check out my "professional bio" in the "About" tab above, but more importantly, take a few minutes to discover my Real story in the "Protector" tab. It's here that I lay out the "real" me, not some sanitized, pretty, basically BS,  bio. It's here that you can find out if we might be a good fit to work together. If we're not, that's OK. I truly wish you the best in your real estate endevours and journey.

When buying a home, there's none more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, and guide you through all the ups and downs and get closed on time.

And as a professional real estate Appraiser, my experience of literally thousands of appraisals provides you with a unique, competitive insight into the market that will give you a huge advantage over the sellers we'll be negotiating with on your behalf. Click on the "About" and "Protector" tabs to see who I am. Then let me know if you think we might be a good fit for one another. I am here to Serve your interests.


Get a free home evaluation. This isn't a guess based on a formula a computer engineer wrote. It's a true valuation based on your home, its features and location, by a top real estate agent who knows your neighborhood. And how cool would it be if this "top real estate agent" was also a professional real estate Appraiser? One that has performed thousands of appraisals on not just homes but also commercial and investment properties all over the state of Florida?

Would that experience along with having helped tons of Sellers get the highest and best possible price with minimal hassel and headache, with no surprises...Would that be of benefit to you as a Seller? Would someone who begins a relationship with "...consider others as more important than yourself.." be a good fit for you? Click on the "About" and "Protector" tabs above to see if it would be. If not, then you might be more comfortable with the local "gurus" who give the BS promise "I will  buy your home if I can't sell it in 30 days..." BS! If you believe that is a credible promise, I have some south Florida real estate I can help you invest in!

I'd love to spend a few minutes with you to additionally talk about some of the cutting edge marketing we do, both online and offline

View thousands of homes for sale all around this area. With specialized tools that will allow you to search for properties that meet your specific needs and desires, we know you'll find the home of your dreams quickly and effortlessly.